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About 10 years ago an American veterinarian acknowledging the problems associated with sharp claws and nails developed a claw and nail cap that would comfortably fit over the animals claws and nails, thereby blunting these sharp instruments of damage and destruction! They are harmless and do not interfere with the natural movement of claws and nails. These caps are manufactured from non-toxic soft vinyl material. Moving the story on, millions have been sold Worldwide and are used and recommended by veterinarians, groomers and of course pet owners.

RG Consultants created the brands Just Soft Paws and Just Soft Claws as a quality lower cost alternative to the American bands that were overpriced. Since leaving the EU we have concentrated marketing and selling our brands to the home market only. Lowering costs and being able to supply orders on a next day or 2 days delivery turnaround.

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